Herne Farm Leisure Centre – Environmental Information

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Herne Farm Estate – Environment Statement

“Our aim is to manage the estate with a light touch, balancing the needs of nature with the needs of residents. We trim hedges and lawns so as to protect access to homes and open spaces. We manage trees and bushes so as to maintain their health and remove possible hazards, and do our best to let the natural environment manage itself. We ensure that we and any contractors we hire comply with environmental regulations, and we take a long-term ecological perspective in managing land controlled by the estate.”

Herne Farm Limited

1. Environmental Review

“This is an environmental review of the Herne Farm Estate. It is not an environmental plan. It does not make recommendations regarding environmental management, but discusses some options. It reviews potential strengths and weaknesses on the estate, and discusses some options to remedy weaknesses and capitalise on strengths.
Photographs are included for explanatory purposes only. They imply neither praise nor criticism of individual properties and their owners, and of the current management of open space.
This is meant to be a first step assessing management options for the estate and in planning for the future.
This review was written as a service to the community, at no cost, on behalf of the Board of Directors.”

Herne Farm Limited

  • Environmental Review Document. Click Here  (September 2021).

2. Environment Policy

  • The ‘Environment Policy’ for the Herne Farm Estate will be updated now the ‘Environmental Review’ has been published.
  • Current Environment Policy. Click Here  (under review).

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