Herne Farm Leisure Centre – Leisure Activities

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Herne Farm Leisure Centre is owned by the Residents (also known as Shareholders) of the Herne Farm Estate.

Access to the Centre is via a Key Fob and it must be used every time you enter the Leisure Centre.

The Leisure Centre Rules must be adhered to at all times whilst in the Centre.

Leisure Activities are: Squash, Swimming and Table Tennis, full details about ALL other activities in the Main Hall can be found below.

Squash                Full Details: Click Here

There are 2 Courts available for Hire.

Squash Courts.

  • Sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Residents hire £3.00 (50% discount).
  • Non-Residents hire £6.00.
  • Non-Residents must be Registered with Herne Farm Limited.
  • * (New Registrations are CLOSED).
  • The appropriate footwear must be worn, and must have clean soles.
  • Lighting and Booking are controlled via an online system.
  • Access to the Centre is via a Key Fob, and it must be used every time you enter the Centre.

There are NO Squash Clubs based or run at Herne Farm.

Swimming           Full Details: Click Here

Residents Only and their guests.

Restrictions will apply on the number of guests and their children allowed in the Swimming Pool Area.

Swimming Pool.

  • The Swimming Pool is electronically fixed at a constant temperature of 29 degrees.
  • The depth is ideal for learning to swim.
  • A Swimming Calendar booking system is currently in place if you require a swim.
  • Please check the Swimming Calendar for available (dates and times) before contacting us to make a booking. Swimming Calendar.

No Paid Swimming Lessons are allowed.

Table Tennis      Full Details: Click Here

Herne Farm has two competition level Table Tennis tables available for Hire.

The Main Hall can accommodate both tables at the same time and will be charged at the Main Hall hourly rate (not per table).

When Hiring the Main Hall you must allow extra time for ‘setting up’ and ‘putting away’ the Table Tennis table(s).

Main Hall availability & charges Click Here.

Main Hall – Fitness/Exercise/Dance Classes

Herne Farm Leisure Centre has various different types of Fitness, Exercise or Dance Classes for all ages, they may include:

Maximum Number of Attendees must be agreed with the Centre Manager prior to Booking.

  • Aerobics.                (max 12)
  • Baby Ballet.           (max 10)
  • Dance.                     (max 12)
  • Mature Movers.   (max 15)
  • Pilates.                    (max 15)
  • Yoga.                        (max 15)
  • Zumba.                    (max 12)

To View Current Classes Click Here and then click on ‘Classes’.

Main Hall – Organisations and Societies

Herne Farm Leisure Centre allows some Organisations and Societies to Hire the Main Hall including:

Maximum Number of Attendees must be agreed with the Centre Manager prior to Booking.

  • Arts & Crafts.                                            (to be agreed)
  • Knit & Knatter.                                         (to be agreed)
  • Petersfield Gardeners Club.                 (to be agreed)
  • Petersfield Area Historical Society.   (to be agreed)
  • Welsh Society.                                          (to be agreed)

(Some Covid-19 restrictions on numbers may still apply)

To View Current Organisations and Societies Click Here and then click on ‘Organisations and Societies’.

Contact Details:

Crundles, Herne Farm, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4PJ.
Tel: 01730 266874    Email: manager@hernefarmlimited.co.uk

Herne Farm Limited is registered in England, Number 01130732 and the office is, The Leisure Centre, Crundles, Herne Farm Petersfield GU31 4PJ.

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