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Message to All Squash Players:
The ‘Lighting Control System’ has been fixed, so the squash courts are now available to book.
30th November 2021

Squash Courts

Both Squash Courts are now available for Residents and Non-Residents.

All Squash Players are ask to read the Squash Procedure

Office Hours 09:00 – 13:00 Mon to Fri.

Squash Times:

Open 9.00 am – 22.30 pm Monday – Friday.
Open 9.00 am – 22.30pm Weekends.

(Court start times are staggered)
Court 1 – On the Hour.
Court 2 – On the Half Hour.

Please Note:
Registration for Non-Residents to play squash at Herne Farm is currently CLOSED to new applications.

Hiring A Squash Court

The Squash Court Lights are linked to an online booking system. You need to Register with Herne Farm Leisure Centre to obtain a Username and Password.

See Rule 3 before Hiring a Court.

Please Email the Centre Manager if you require information and we will be happy to explain the system and get you going.

** Herne Farm Office Use Only **

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Squash Rules 1 - 4 of 17

Non-Resident Rules During Covid-19

1. Non-Resident Registration allows you to access the foyer and squash courts. You are also allowed to use the car park if a space is available at your own risk. You must vacate the Centre once you have completed your squash session.

2. The Manager of Herne Farm Limited will, once you have Registered issue you a Key Fob at a cost so you can access to the Centre. This Key Fob must be used every time you enter the Centre, and it is for your use and your use only.

3. Once you have Registered, paid any fees and received your Key Fob you can then use the on-line system to hire a court. Alternatively you can ring the Centre Manager on 01730 266874 between 9am and 1pm weekdays.

4. The courts should only be used for Squash and Squash 57 with the appropriate footwear and equipment. Please ensure your footwear and soles are clean before entering the Squash Courts.

Squash Rules 5 - 8 of 17

5. You will pay for the Squash Court Hire at the rate set for Non-Residents. This rate will be reviewed each year in October for the following year.

6. You are allowed to bring one guest to play on the courts with you, and you must enter ‘their contact details’ into the on-line system when hiring a squash court. You must ensure that they are aware of these rules and comply with them at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure this, and failure to do so could jeopardise your Registration.

7. You cannot Hire a court more than 5 days in advance. The Centre Manager reserves the right to change this period at any time. You will be notified via the Web Site or by email of any changes.

8. You must have permission of the Manager and Directors of Herne Farm Limited before the courts can be used for coaching. The coaching will only be permitted once the coach has provided copies of a current England Squash Coaching Certificate, and has a current DBS Certificate for coaching children at Herne Farm. Any other use of the courts is by permission only.

Squash Rules 9 -17 of 17

9. As the Herne Farm Leisure Centre is owned by the Residents of Herne Farm you should be considerate of other users at all times. You will not cause unnecessary disruption to others. You will also do your utmost to ensure that others also observe the rules.

10. If you see any damage to the squash courts or other areas within the Centre you must report it immediately to the Centre Manager during the next available office hours.

11. You are not allowed to use the swimming pool unless accompanying a Herne Farm Resident. The swimming pool is monitored by CCTV and any breach of this rule will result in your access to the Centre being denied.

12. Use of the pool when accompanying a resident is governed by the following rules:

  • Resident children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Resident children between 16 and 18 years old may be accompanied by one guest aged 16 or over.
  • Resident adults (those over 18) may be accompanied by a maximum of two adult guests and two children.

13. Your Key Fob can only be used by you, and must be used every time you enter the Centre. You are under a duty to report it if it is lost or stolen. You will pay the current replacement fee as set by the Directors should it need to be replaced.

14. Your Registration is at the discretion of the Manager and Directors and it can be terminated at any time. Breach of any of the above rules is likely to result in your access Key Fob being dialed out of the system, and you will no longer be able to access the Centre and the squash courts.

15. Your Registration will only be renewed once payment has been made and received by Herne Farm. To cancel your Registration, it is your responsibility to contact the Centre Manager and cancel any Direct Debits you may have with Herne Farm Limited.

16. Your personal squash equipment bag and any belongings can be stored at the front of the court whilst playing.
(Please remove all belongings from the court once your squash session is over).

17. These rules are subject to change.

Resident Hire

If you are the Main Contact for your property, it is likely that you are already registered. The first step to Hiring a Court is to click on the button “Hire a Court” on the left of this screen and reset your password.

  Herne Farm Leisure Centre Squash
  • There are NO Squash Clubs Run or Based at Herne Farm Leisure Centre.
  • Residents can Hire Squash Courts on a Pay As You Play. 
  • Non-Resident:-
    • Must be Registered with Herne Farm.
    • Registration is Closed at present.
  • Organisations or Groups (e.g. schools, juniors etc) are asked to check with Centre Manager for squash court availability and costs.
  • Please Contact the Centre Manager on 01730 266874 for more information or visit the FAQ’s page.

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