Herne Farm Leisure Centre – Table Tennis

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Table Tennis

Herne Farm Leisure Centre Main Hall is available for Hire by Residents and Non-Residents to play Table Tennis.

Herne Farm has two competition level Table Tennis tables available for Hire.

The Main Hall can accommodate both tables at the same time and will be charged at the Main Hall hourly rate (not per table).

When Hiring the Main Hall you must allow extra time for ‘setting up’ and ‘putting away’ the Table Tennis table(s).

There is a Kitchen available on request.

There is also a Bar available for Hire. (See Details below).

The Main Hall now has ‘Air Conditioning’.

There is also access to a Secure Garden area.

Opening Times for Table Tennis

The Main Hall sessions are divided into Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions. The Hall Diary shows the current bookings.

The times are:
Morning       09.00 till 13.00 
Afternoon    13.30 till 18.00 
Evening        18.30 till 21.00 
Weekends up until   21.30 hrs.

Bar Hire

We have a Bar available to Hire with two Fully Trained Bar Staff for those very special occasions.
For further information regarding the Hall and Bar please visit the Hall Page.

The Herne Farm Leisure Centre does not allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises unless in the Main Hall and it has been purchased at the Centre’s Licensed Bar.

Table Tennis Hiring Details:

If you wish to Hire the Main Hall for a ‘Table Tennis’ then please send all the details to the Centre Manager at manage@hernefarmlimited.co.uk. Please include the following:

  • Your Name, Address and Contact Details (including Contact Phone Number).
  • Date and Time Period you require.
  • Number of Players.
  • One or Two Table Tennis Tables required.
  • If Other Tables and Chairs required, (please state how many).
  • If Kitchen required for Catering.
  • If Bar is required (see Restrictions below), the Bar will include two trained Bar Staff.
  • Access to the Secure Garden Area.
  • Use of the ‘HiFi Equipment’ (see Restrictions below).
  • Use of the ‘Air Conditioning‘, this will be set before Hire of Hall commences.


  • Bar: Herne Farm Limited does not allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises unless in the Main Hall, and it has been purchased at the Centre’s Licensed Bar.
  • HiFi: The HiFi system has a sound limiter, and if the doors to the secure garden are opened then the power to the HiFi is cut off.
What’s On This Week In The Main Hall

View the Hall Classes Calendar

To View Full Herne Farm Calendar please Click on+ Google Calendarsign above.


Resident Table Tennis

The Resident Only Table Tennis table is now available to use on the Mezzanine Floor.
Please be aware of others that may be using this area when you play Table Tennis.


There are NO Table Tennis Clubs based or run at Herne Farm.

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